Assessment results

Transversal skills

Assessment scale:

Transversal skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Ηas difficulty understanding how important communication skills are for a team to achieve a goal.
Does not have the ability to realize how important directness in communication is and chooses an impersonal way of talking, without adapting the message to the communication circumstances.
Negotiation skills
Has the ability to listen carefully to others and understand how to react to unpleasant behaviors. He needs training so that he can offer profitable solutions for the company he works for.
Does not have the ability to perceive the ideal character he should have in a negotiation and his/her behavior will bring negative results in his cooperation with the partners.
Understands the value of teamwork, but does not take into account the development of the ability to balance multiple deadlines and assignments, nor the fact that unequal division of responsibilities can take place between members.
Knows how to show a positive attitude instead of seeing the negative side of the task involved, how to support any team members who are struggling with something he can help with, how to use his communication skills in a friendly and diplomatic way if there is a problem and he has the ability to discuss issues open with team members, be honest, trustworthy, supportive and show respect and commitment to the team and to its individuals.
Language using attitudes
Has the ability to consider how variables like physical, social and cultural differences influence the learning-teaching process, to create the interesting teaching-learning materials, stimulates and sustains motivation.
Has the ability to discover students’ attitude about language and has professional classroom management skills.
Understand the importance of being willing to balance personal achievement with group goals and co-operate with team members to resolve problems and achieve goals.
Has the ability to address conflicts within the group, identifies obstacles and addresses problems cooperatively as they occur. He has also the ability to forgive others for mistakes.