Assessment results

Transversal skills

Assessment scale:

Transversal skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Has the ability to recognize people with communication skills and make the right choice to achieve the best result.
Has the ability to adapt to new conditions in the best way. It uses technology in order to shape the most appropriate communication environment, so as not to lose the advantages of face to face communication.
Negotiation skills
He has negotiation skills, manages the situation properly, as he politely asks for time to organize the negotiation that follows. He tries in every way to maintain the cooperation with the client and to find an advantageous solution for both parties.
He/she fully understands how to negotiate. He will have the ability to teach VET trainees how to acquire negotiation skills.
Fully understands the importance of teamwork, paying attention not only to the result but also to the process that leads to it.
Knows how to show a positive attitude instead of seeing the negative side of the task involved, how to support any team members who are struggling with something he can help with, how to use his communication skills in a friendly and diplomatic way if there is a problem and he has the ability to discuss issues open with team members, be honest, trustworthy, supportive and show respect and commitment to the team and to its individuals.
Language using attitudes
Has the ability to consider how variables like physical, social and cultural differences influence the learning-teaching process, to create the interesting teaching-learning materials, stimulates and sustains motivation.
Has the ability to discover students’ attitude about language and has professional classroom management skills.
Has Respect for Diversity: open communication, sensitivity to ethnic and religious backgrounds, building and managing expectations, facilitating group discussion, agreeing on roles that capitalize on individual strengths, building consensus, eliciting viewpoints from all team members and acknowledge other’s skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and contributions.
Has the ability to address conflicts within the group, identifies obstacles and addresses problems cooperatively as they occur. He has also the ability to forgive others for mistakes.