Assessment results

Problem solving skills

Assessment scale:

Problem solving skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Adaptability competencies
Able to make an effort to adapt yourself to a new reality but still with many restraints.
You see the importance of changing but you feel at the same time the obligation to do the activity. You don’t fully accept changes.
Flexibility competencies
You do not have the ability to manage unexpected changes’ schedule.
You can find a way to manage different tasks at the same time with a great effort.
Learning quickly
You show yourself to be attentive and prepared, ready to use techniques and tools to be able to learn as much as possible about each notion you attend.
You put yourself constructively in front of the work and use all methods that can help you to achieve a greater outcome.
Critical thinking
You have a good critical approach. You deal with problems calmly and decisively. You try to make a complete analysis in order to make the best decision.
You do a good analysis to approach the entire problem but there is still room for improvement.
Showing initiative
You have a good spirit of initiative, but you need to work more on awareness of your abilities in order to make your initiative effective.
You show great energy in organizing and collaborating with colleagues and also demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.