Assessment results

Problem solving skills

Assessment scale:

Problem solving skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Adaptability competencies
Failure to manage new environments and new changes, missing the opportunities to manage the challenge to improve yourself.
You are not open to see new ways and approaches at work. You don’t feel comfortable with changes.
Flexibility competencies
You turn out to be very flexible in terms of schedules and unexpected problems. You are even willing to sacrifice your free time to solve a situation.
You can find a way to manage different tasks at the same time with a great effort.
Learning quickly
You have a lot of confidence in your mnemonic abilities but you do not apply yourself to the best of your ability to store as much knowledge as possible, inevitably losing a lot of information.
You just do the minimum effort to accomplish the task.
Critical thinking
You are very hasty and do not get a clear picture of the situation.
You try to solve the problem with the first solution you see without doing much effort.
Showing initiative
Your initiative is easily undermined by normal work difficulties.
You prefer to not expose yourself demonstrating a lack of initiative.