Assessment results

Problem solving skills

Assessment scale:

Problem solving skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Adaptability competencies
Able to make an effort to adapt yourself to a new reality but still with many restraints.
You see the importance of changing but you feel at the same time the obligation to do the activity. You don’t fully accept changes.
Flexibility competencies
You have a good balance that allows you to deal with situations calmly and clearly. What you lack is the initiative and sense of sacrifice that would allow you to further increase your flexibility.
You stop to give concrete help in a difficult moment. You can still improve a lot in terms of flexibility, but you still show an ability to handle multiple problems.
Learning quickly
You have good learning skills but you do not yet excel, showing weaknesses in the use of mnemonic tools. You may need to improve yourself through the application of other synthesis tools.
You put yourself constructively in front of the work and use all methods that can help you to achieve a greater outcome.
Critical thinking
You approach a problem calmly, but your critical vision is still too limited, not taking into account many details.
You analyze problems in their complexity and can see their facets and find specific solutions.
Showing initiative
Your initiative is easily undermined by normal work difficulties.
You prefer to not expose yourself demonstrating a lack of initiative.