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Interpersonal skills

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Interpersonal skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Emotional Intelligence
You are able to help to manage others’ feelings. This mitigates the negative impact of stressful situations on performance and promote better outcomes on key objectives.
You are able to bring out the best in each member of your team: all are equal. That is, to efficiently manage human resources to put them at the service of the company's objectives. To do this, you consider that knowing how to relate, motivation, listen, persuade and adapt to the environment are essential.
On this situation you are able to openly express your true feelings, build trust and limits misunderstandings in work relationships and collaborative efforts and you can understand your team nonverbal feelings. Consistent nonverbal emotional expression helps others know how you’re feeling, which facilitates communication as a basis for productive interpersonal relationships.
Has the ability to consider each student a whole person and you analyze all their sides for assigning him the most suitable task and responsibilities.
You are highly empathic and this can interfere with making the right business decisions (e.g., giving more weight to others’ emotions over key outcomes, thinking more on students’ perceptions and feeling that on the reality of the action).
Be able to listen other opinions and how they affect your thoughts and behaviors. However, you will not take into account their opinions, if they were correct.