Assessment results

Interpersonal skills

Assessment scale:

Interpersonal skills Assessment Scale and Feedback
Emotional Intelligence
You can’t manage and considerer others’ emotional states. This creates missed opportunities to manage the motivation of individuals and group.
You don’t believe that motivation and people’s needs are an important factor for having a positive relationship and work environment.
You keep your emotions hidden and these limits affect to the clarification of communication. Your team look for signs of approval and they may be confused as to whether or not they are on the correct way. right path.
You don’t know and understand how student can feel when your negative stereotypes towards their culture affects to your decisions without taking into a consideration to this person.
Your lack of empathy tends to undermine interpersonal relationships as others come to feel underappreciated and disrespected as individuals.
You don’t understand why he/she is acting on this way and you don’t like to be in this situation. You are the “boss” and no one can interrupt you and express his/her ideas.